• The brand image of the European Union
  • The Success story of the European Union
  • The European spirit

The importance of nation branding. The importance of EU branding
Nation brand image has become an important criterion to differentiate countries on the international stage. The way a country is perceived can make a critical difference to the success of its business, as well as its relations with other nations. Therefore many nations worldwide devote resources to build, rebuild or reinforce their country image and they constantly adapt it.

The importance of (re)building a brand image for the European Union
Developing a positive brand image is therefore essential for maintaining a leading position in the international arena among great powers such as USA or China.
A real success story of the European Union, based on its history and core values, can revive the European spirit and bring it closer to its citizens.

The booklet presents:

  • A brief analysis of the current image of the European Union;
  • Examples of nation branding strategies in the USA, Switzerland and China;
  • Key areas through which the European Union can (re)build its Success story, thus strengthening its brand image worldwide.

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